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A new adventure of Woxford

The founders of Woxford expertise in biological wastewater and gas treatment technologies with a 40-year accumulation of knowledge and experience in academic research, technical innovation and engineering services in the field of wastewater treatment. The foundation of the company is a family's pursuit of technical excellence since 1980s. Since 1995, the family has completed over 50 challenging wastewater and biogas treatment projects with over 100 full-scale installations of Woxford's high-loading anaerobic bioreactors as part-time jobs. Before 2014, there was no company nor sales team. In 2016, the founders of Woxford led the set-up of the national standard of upflow anaerobic sludge blanket (UASB) reactor technologies of China.

Now, the family has step on a new adventure of developing new cutting-edge technologies and commercialisation both in China and the world. Woxford aims to establish an UK-China integrated business model to combine our resources and advantages in terms of talents, technologies, markets and networks, in order to provide high-quality products and services and efficiently reduce costs for clients.


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