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Anaerobic Granular Sludge


Boost your anaerobic reactors

Granular sludge is originally formed from flocculent sludge in reactors. It has a unique structure in that methanogens are protected inside the granular grains, and the microbial community in the sludge also changes during the granulation process. Anaerobic granular sludge has many outstanding features. As a kind of mature biomass, it has been highly activated; thus, comparing with flocculent sludge, it has greater loading rate, greater specific methanogenic activity (SMA), greater settleability, and greater buffer capability for shock and toxic effects.

Using granular sludge to load new installations of AD reactors can reduce the start-up time from months to weeks. We help our clients to optimise their operation, and so produce more surplus granular sludge. This sludge can be traded at relatively high prices, generating significant added value from clients, as well as the bioenergy recovery.


  • Highly activated and strong structure

  • Great load rate and COD removal efficiency

  • Great settleability

  • Great biogas production rate and SMA

  • Great buffer capability for shock effects

  • Short start-up time

  • Suitable for various types of organic wastewater

Our UBAR reactor systems produce anaerobic sludge efficiently. All the granular sludge we provide is produced by our current clients with our UBAR installations. It has been used to seed different types of low-loading AD reactors and the AD reactors which cannot produce anaerobic granular sludge, or cannot produce it efficiently, such as conventional UASB, EGSB and inner/external circulation reactors. Currently, these products and services are limited to the market of mainland China. 

Features & Specifications:

A sample collected from one of our UBAR reactors 

  • Diameter: 2mm

  • VSS/TS: 0.947

  • Settleability: 46.6m/h

  • SMA: 240mgCH /gVSS*d


Woxford's technical founder established the first standard of anaerobic granular sludge (Q/HYKX019-2005) for our client, NCPC, which was the largest manufacturer of antibiotics, cornstarch and Vitamin B12.  

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