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Food & Beverage

Modern food and beverage industry produce a large number of organic wastes and wastewater, the applications of biological disposal methods, particularly, anaerobic digestion processes, are crucial to the sustainability of the industry. The examples of the applications include meat & poultry processing, vegetable and fruit processing, beverage and brewing. Woxford's consulting services, technologies and engineering expertise are ideal supports to the sustainable development of the food and drink industry worldwide. Woxford has been at the forefront of the industry in the UK and China for decades and has developed optimised solutions across Food and Beverage.  

Key Clients and Projects

China's National Cereals, Oils and Foodstuffs Corporation (COFCO) is China's largest food processor, manufacturer and trader with over 60,000 employees. China Great Wall Wine Co., Ltd is a subsidiary of COFCO Group.

China Great Wall Wine Co., Ltd. is China's largest wine enterprise producing over 50,000 tons of wine. The company markets its products in 20 countries or regions, such as USA, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, and domestically in 29 provinces. In 2002, two Woxford's GX/HP-advanced anaerobic bioreactors were installed for the winery wastewater treatment at China Great Wall Wine Co., Ltd. Since then, Woxford's technologies and services have been provided to many clients in beverage and wine industry. 

YANGYUAN is one of the most popular drinks and beverage company in China,  processing over 1.5 million tons of walnut every year. Its brand of walnut drink, Six Walnuts, is one of the most popular health drinks in China. 

The manufacture of nuts and walnuts drinks produce highly concentrated organic wastewater containing fats and suspended solids. In 2007, Woxford's advanced anaerobic bioreactor was employed in the disposal of the walnuts processing effluents and it has a great treatment performance in terms of removal efficiency of organic pollutants and short retention time at relatively high suspended solid level. Particularly, no internal or external circulation of treated effluent is required.  

Meihua Group is a world-leading supplier of MSG and amino acid nutrition with clients in over 100 countries. The effluents of MSG production have very high COD concentration and high sulphate levels up to 5%w/w.

Woxford offered excellent products and services to the client since the client registered the company in 2002. In total, Meihue Group installed 22 full-scale advanced anaerobic bioreactors (four 1st-Gen and eighteen 2nd-Gen reactors).

Woxford's biological wastewater treatment technologies have also been widely employed in the disposal of other food wastewater, particularly, those effluents produced from the large-scale fermentation process, such as MSG, cornstarch, Vitamin B12, and citric acids. Woxford's advanced anaerobic bioreactors show a great performance in terms of high treatment efficiency without circulating treated effluents and adapting the shock effects caused by the changing quality of influent and low pH.   

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