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Since 2004, the photovoltaics (PV) industry has expanded dramatically due to the explosion in solar energy demands both in developing and developed countries. Global attention is focused on modern, clean energy and discovering the ultimate solution for sustainable energy production to safeguard the future of our world. However, the production of polysilicon and the PV subassembly not only consumes large amounts of energy and raw materials,  but also creates serious threats to the environment, including hazardous wastes and wastewater containing various chemicals. 

Woxford has provided complete solutions to the wastewater treatment of the PV industry with our cutting-edge biological wastewater treatment technologies. 

Key Clients and Projects

The world's largest producer (2012-2013) of PV subassembly

Sponsored 2010 South Africa 19th FIFA World Cup and 2014 Brazil 20th FIFA World Cup

In 2010, Woxford provided four GX/HP-advanced anaerobic bioreactors (1,000m ) to YINGLI Group for the disposal of wastewater produced from manufacturing lines of PV subassembly, containing various organic pollutants, including polyethyleneglycol, isopropanol, propenol and lactic acid, at 4,000m /d.



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