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Anoxic and aerobic (A/O) bacteria decompose residual organic and nitrogenous pollutants to improve effluent quality. The A/O treatment process is a cost-effective and practical method for removing ammonia in large-scale effluent treatment.

Key Technology 1: Aerobic Nitrogen/Ammonia Removal

In both developed and developing countries, nitrogen removal is required in many industrial wastewater treatment projects, due to eutrophication resulting from the addition of natural or artificial nutrients, including nitrogenous and phosphorus compounds.

Several technologies and processes have been employed in nitrogen removal in wastewater treatment projects, such as the A/O process, Anammox (anaerobic nitrogen removal) and other biological chemical methods which transfer the nitrogenous compounds to a type of fertiliser. However, these approaches all have their limitations. Anammox, in particular, has recently become a popular topic in research and pilot projects, but it has not been widely employed in industrial wastewater treatment.  

Woxford offers an enhanced A/O wastewater treatment process for ammonia removal as key in disposal of high-strength organic industrial wastewater, especially in those projects employing anaerobic treatment process converting nutrients to ammonia. This process has been applied on a large scale in our projects.

Case: High ammonia low C/N ratio wastewater treatment

Influent COD: 400–550mg/L

Influent Ammonia: 350–500mg/L

Effluent COD: <50mg/L

Effluent Ammonia: ≤5mg/L

Key Technology 2: High Salinity Wastewater Treatment

High salinity levels can render traditional biological and chemical treatment technologies ineffectual and prohibitively expensive. Our enhanced aerobic treatment technology overcomes these challenges to provide a cost-effective and sustainable way of removing these organic pollutants.

Case: Treatment of sebacic acid (decanedioic acid) wastewater

Influent COD: 3000–4000mg/L, Phenol: 200–300mg/L

                       Sulphate: 8–10% w/w;

Effluent COD: <100mg/L, Phenol: ≤2mg/L

Advanced Aerobic Technologies


Nitrogen Removal & High-Salinity Wastewater Treatment

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