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Sustainability Consulting

Environmental & quality management

Assistance implementing a range of management systems and auditing compliance to legislative and other obligations. Identification of significant environmental aspects and impacts through site inspection.

Practice, legislation and policy support

Guidance on interpreting

environmental legislation as they

apply to your activities, from local to international policy, and best practice operation for your sector.

Carbon footprinting & life cycle analysis

Calculating the carbon footprint

and environmental impacts of your activities or product from cradle to grave (or cradle to cradle!), and

helping you make improvements

to reduce these.

Bespoke in-house training

Tailored to our audience, on a range of topics at both technical and strategic levels, from Project Management seminars to construction site toolbox talks on environmental compliance.

Corporate strategy and sustainability

Implementing effective corporate responsibility and business sustainability programmes to enable effective management of the environmental, economic and social dimensions of your business.

Waste management

 Our expertise range from applying regulatory requirements, to compliance auditing and implementing management systems, to the diversion of waste for reuse and recovery.

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