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Our Technologies & Products

Woxford has expertise in biological wastewater treatment processes, including anaerobic and aerobic technology, as the complete solution to efficiently remove organic pollutants, recover bio-energy with great capability of tolerating inhibitory effects from high salinity and toxic and recalcitrant pollutants, as well as membrane technology for deep-cleaning of water and

biogas treatment technology for biogas purification and upgrade.


UBAR (Upflow Baffle Anaerobic Reactor) reactor system offers an efficient, energy-saving and energy-recovering solution for the disposal of organic industrial wastewater for clients from diverse industries such as chemicals, petroleum, food, pharmaceuticals, textile and other light industries.

Advanced Biogas Treatment 

A two-stage high-loading biogas desulphurisation and purification technology, with a proven track record. A reliable and highly efficient solution for the deep removal of H S and biogas upgrading to prevent air pollution and corrosion of gas-burning equipment, such as electricity generators and boilers.



Highly activated anaerobic granular sludge produced in our GX/HP-UASB reactors presents effective loading rate, specific methanogenic activity (SMA), settleability, and buffer capability for shock and toxic effects. Seeding new AD installations with it can reduce the start-up time with greater treatment performance.

Aerobic Technologies

Customised aerobic wastewater treatment technologies for deep removal of organic pollutants and ammonia. An advanced aerobic wastewater treatment technology has been developed specifically for the treatment of wastewater at high salinity levels. 


Membrane bioreactors (MBR) combine biological (suspended growth bioreactor) with membrane treatment processes (microfiltration and ultrafiltration) to increase the production of high-quality effluents, reduce footprint and save energy.  

& Reverse Osmosis

Microfiltration (0.1–10μm) and ultrafiltration (103–106Da) are physical filtration processes which separate particles of pollutants from process effluent. Reverse osmosis employs semipermeable membranes to remove ions, molecules, particles, and to produce potable water.  


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Systematic Solutions for 


Our Complete Solution for Industries 

In order to meet the discharge standards of treated effluents, industrial wastewater treatment requires a system with several units targeting different pollutants instead of just one unit or technology. 

A good example is shown in the following video.